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 anilox - wikipedia
Anilox rollers that are used with water, solvent and oil based inks, which dry when left sitting out and unagitated, must be cleaned immediately after use or a problem known as plugging occurs, where minuscule amounts of ink dry in the cells.

 industry solutions | engraved anilox rollers | zecher gmbh
Our ceramic anilox rollers will convince you, with a massive range of applications that runs from homogeneous surfaces up to those that involve multiple coatings. You can also use our anilox rollers with any coating system, all with the permanent benefits of stable adhesion behaviour and high operating performance.

 anilox rollers for corrugated manufacturing & printing ...
Anilox Rollers The Heart of The Flexo Press Description. The Anilox Roller is often referred to as the heart of the flexographic press. It is designed to deliver a precise and consistent amount of ink to the printing plate.

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 home - sandon global
Sandon Global is an award-winning manufacturer of anilox rolls and cylinders used in the flexographic, lithographic and metal decoration print industries, worldwide.

 cts industries | anilox rollers | anilox roller manufactures
To insure correct anilox rollers are used for their printing applications, we’ve listed guide lines used to assist printers in choosing a set of anilox rollers. PRO-LITE HD™ Two year warranty for peace of mind, and guaranteed quality into the press. WARRIOR™

 harper anilox rollers: advanced anilox and coating rolls ...
About Anilox Rolls. From the advent of flexographic printing and Anilox Roll manufacturing, Harper Corporation of America has earned the distinction of being the first, the best, and the global leader in new anilox roll products and technologies. We offer more than our word.

 flexography - praxairsurfacetechnologies.com
That’s why it’s so critical that your anilox roll is manufactured to perform with consistency and reliability. And precise manufacturing of the underlying anilox roll, superior coatings for the hardest of finishes and high-precision engravings for superior ink release are our specialty. Laser-Engraved Ceramic Anilox Rolls and Sleeves (16.0 KB)

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