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 dynamic and static balancing of rolls - how, why and when ...
Static balancing If the roll supported without friction will remain at rest whenever the rotation is stopped, all the local irregularities are self- compensating and static balance exists. If the roll is not static balanced, sufficient weight is added to the "light" side to bring it into balance.

 balancing (english) | epoch
An idler roll is statically balanced if the roll doesn't rotate to a "heavy side" when free to turn on its bearings. Thus, the roll's center of gravity is on the axis of rotation. Static unbalance creates a centrifugal force when rotating which causes deflection of the roll.

 basic knowledge of rubber rollers(3,4)::katsura roller mfg ...
Static balance shows the evenness of load distribution of the roller component. The balance is checked by seeing if the roller moves on the sharp edges as shown in the sketch below. Correction is made by adding weight to the lighter side or lightening the heavier side.

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 field report - dynamic balancing of rolls
Although a roll is statically balanced, it may have an eccentric center of gravity which cannot be detected by simple static balance. This will become noticeable when the roll speed is increased, and an end-for-end motion occurs. Dynamic unbalance requires investigation to determine which end, or both, require counter-weighting.

 static balancing machines - hines industries, inc.
The vertical, non-rotating or static balancer is used for single plane balancing where only force unbalance exists. Static balancing can be applied to grinding wheels, propellers, refinery plates, tires, and wheels. On this type of balancing equipment, the part is suspended on its axis center on a frictionless pivot.

 idler roller balancing - balancing weight idler rollers ...
This exclusive balancing system adds weight to the center of the idler with built-in balancing chambers that run the full length of the roller. WINertia™ Dynamic Center-WIN Balancing is a more precise idler balancing method than traditional methods that only balance on the roll ends with cumbersome operations of welding, drilling and epoxying weights.

 static - non-rotating balancing
Static (non-rotating) balancing is satisfactory for: Rotors having low length/diameter ratios operating at low speeds Narrow rotors operating at moderate speeds High-speed rotors which are to be assembled to a shaft and later balanced as an assembly

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