Who we are

Born in 1967, we are a leading company in the construction of steel and iron rollers for:

• printing machines
• machines for paper and plastic film processing
• machines for sheet metal treatment
• machines for the treatment of industrial sludge
• woodworking machines such as lappers
• machines for shredding polymeric materials
• machines for the treatment of leather such as fleshing machines
• machines for the petrochemical sector such as drilling or valves.

Thanks to the solid experience gained in over half a century of activity, to the advanced technologies and processing methods constantly improved, to a updated know-how system for production control and staffs high qualifications, we guarantee rollers with a high quality standard, at a competitive cost.

This allows us to be the main supplier of important manufacturers and users and to be able to offer them improvement solutions and an efficient service of additional processing upon our products.

We operate in an industrial complex of 20,000 square meters, 10,000 of them indoor.


We want to offer high quality
at competitive costs

Our mission

We have always worked to be, in Italy and in the world, a reliable and irreplaceable partner for our customers' business by offering them, in addition to a high quality standard at a competitive price, new ideas and improved solutions for product design.

For this reason, over the years we have invested, as well as in the training of our staff, in technological machinery and new software, making the entire production process more efficient, with higher quality standards.

To keep up with innovation, we are also testing an anilox inking roller with sleeves completely in aluminum, entirely conceived, designed and manufactured within Zenit S.p.A.


We want to be an irreplaceable partner
for our customer

Our history

Zenit S.p.A. was founded in 1967 in Piacenza, from the merger of a mechanical company and a carpentry company of the brothers Bruno and Mario Gasparini, both opened in the 1950s / 1960s.

The headquarters of the new reality was located in Caorso, in the district of Piacenza.
The company specialized in the production of steel rollers for various sectors.

With the acquisition of the Nordal 2 Company, in 1992, production was expanded and extended to aluminum rollers.