Zenit is equipped with a Philips DAE, thanks to the collaboration with Confapi Italia, CONFAPI INDUSTRIA PIACENZA and Iredeem. "PROGETTO VITA" is the first European project of early defibrillation for the fight against sudden death from cardiac arrest.

The project has always involved public bodies, private companies, law enforcement agencies and voluntary associations which support its activities both financially and actively. "PROGETTO VITA" is the new denomination of our association, whose name was originally "IL CUORE DI PIACENZA", founded on March 11, 1998.

Cardiac arrest is a silent epidemic, the leading cause of death in Western countries.
Every minute that passes since the moment of cardiac arrest the chances of survival drop by 10%: after 5 minutes the chances will be 50% and after 10 minutes 0%. Survival from cardiac arrest is still less than 10% today, where there are no early defibrillation systems.
The objective of Progetto Vita is to reduce mortality from cardiac arrest by promoting the culture of early defibrillation through the use of semi-automatic defibrillators and the integration of this system with the 118

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